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My name is Natalie. I started this blog in 2014, as a place to share the things I love doing and seeing. My biggest love is for interior design, retro furniture, and second hand shops. I have also mastered the art of web shopping 🙂

I read blogs since I remember the internet. I’m 36, so I had a few years without Wi-Fi addiction. What else? I’m vegan, which means there will be only vegan stuff here.

Somehow, with writing skills and a good eye for aesthetics, I became a full time content manager, as a day job. This blog is my Zen garden, and its main goal is sharing everything I’m passionate about, including blogging tips.

“Used Luck” – Useful Positivity
I chose this name for two reasons. First, It’s about using the gifts you got from life. These things we sometimes refer to as “luck” are actually the small talents we have. Second, it’s my love for old items – I’m a collector.


Sharing Images: You are welcome to share a photo from an original post on UsedLuck, however, please credit and link back. Thank you!

Guest posts: You are also welcome to suggest guest posts. If you have a room makeover, Diy project, or something else you want to share here, I will definitely consider.

Hope you’ll stick around!

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