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Before & After: Restoring a large mid century cabinet

At 2011, I’ve made my first furniture renovation. Until then, I only painted over a few chairs, (and even managed to destroy one) but nothing serious as this one.

As you probably know, finding a good piece of vintage furniture, in a good condition and a reasonable price is not always easy. But This one, was actually a miracle. Just when we were looking for a specific size cabinet for our narrow living room, someone dropped this baby on a nearby abandoned turkey coop.

Before: Mid Century Cabinet

I worked on it on a daily basis – every evening after work. The condition of the wood was surprisingly good – I only had to cover some holes, polish and paint it with the color of my choice: light cream and black.

After: Mid Century Cabinet




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Ikea LATT Table Hack: From Invisible to Exciting

Ikea LATT Table Hack From Invisible to Exciting - Used Luck

My son never uses the Ikea LATT table I bought him about a year ago. This table became absolutely invisible to him, and for some time, it just stuck in our living room, looks bland, pale, and totally useless.

I love the idea of “Ikea Hacking”, but never got to do it myself. However, the Ikea LATT is a good product to start with, because it’s relatively easy, and the ideas are numerous. I chose to mix up between a chalkboard he could paint on, and a table to play on.

In case you didn’t notice, I really like yellow. Bright and bold. I can’t be intimidated…

I used acrylic paint. It was one of these deceptive tasks which looks like a “piece of cake” and ends up to be A LOT of work. The table and the chairs needed at least 4 coats of paint! It looked like I’m going to paint it forever – over and over again.

For the chalkboard, I used “home made” chalkboard paint. This one also wasn’t easy, and I will dedicate a separate post to it, very soon. If it’s the first time you try to make your own chalkboard paint, make sure to try it first with a small amount to get to know the textures and the amounts needed, before mixing it in a project.

The result: The table was a huge surprise and went from invisible to exciting!



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Restoring a sewing machine treadle leg

While posting this, I must admit these photos were taken a few years ago, back in 2009 at the old house. I have some “pre-blog” nice DIY’s photos I had done in the past, and are worthy of posting here.

This Singer leg was left to rust at the back yard and looked like there is no hope for it at all. But me, I can’t see things like that, without feeling a bit sad every time I pass near it. But What can you do with a rusty old treadle leg? Some people would rather leave the rest as it is, but for using it as an indoor decoration, it’s not clean enough. Therefore, I decided to restore it with oil paint and use it for decoration.

I think it was worth the ½ hour of my time…

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DIY: Plastic Planters Makeover

There’s a lot to do in the new apartment, but these weeks are dedicated to the porch. I don’t know why I decided to begin with the exterior – maybe it’s just easier. It’s a small space, rented (can’t go crazy with it), and with no soil – so plants could make a big difference here. And as for the colors, I can already see it in my head: White, gold, a dirty light pink and small touches of black. But before we get to the whole project, a small and easy DIY: How to make a dull, white plastic planters look like something that belongs to the house and not to the store it came from.

This one is so easy. You’ll gonna need just three things: a gold (or a color of your choice) acrylic paint, a medium brush, and some Sellotape.

First, mark the upper border with the tape (you can make stripes too). Paint the desirable area with the brush. Two layers of paint could do. I waited 20 minutes between one layer to another, and then, another 20 minutes before I took the tape off. That’s it.