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Deliciously Ella’s pink beet soup

I’m not a cooker. Not at all. I don’t find too much joy spending time in the kitchen, unless it has to do something with designing it. But I love food, healthy food that makes me feel I did something good for my body. It’s been 4 years since I had decided to turn gradually to being vegan. I wanted to do it my entire life, but it took time and one big decision. I must say I feel so much better now, even better than I felt ten years ago. And as a bonus, my conscience is clear too – No dead animals on my plate.

The biggest difficulty with the process of becoming a vegan, is not the food – I have no cravings at all. Ones you imagine the face and the life of the wonderful creature you want to use as a hamburger / shnitzel / whatever, there will be no cravings. The biggest difficulty is people, nagging you with their questions, and opinions, trying to have a debate when you just want to have a proper meal and shut the fu@# up for a while.

Anyway, as for not much of a cook, I found it hard to survive mainly on eating outside and fixing myself a sandwich. And as a mother to a 2 year boy, I must cook. So, what do I do? Because cooking habits need to be changed, and new ones have to be learned (like, replacing eggs in recipes) I find my new recipes on blogs. One blog I discovered recently is Deliciously Ella which has lots of easy to make and yummy to eat recipes there. The first one I wanted to try was the Roasted Beet Potato Soup recipe which I had to admit, was very alluring mostly for its hot pink color.

Here is Ella’s amazing pink soup… Just look at it!

Photo source: Deliciously Ella Blog

Although I don’t like cooking, I have the basic skills for simple recipes. The soup, was very easy to make. I had to improvise a little, because my oven didn’t roast the beet properly, I went to my plan b, and boil it instead. It was really good, with a creamy texture and a lemon sour taste.

So, what do you think, did I nail it? (Sorry for the poor quality, I know need to buy a new camera, soon!)