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10 Society6 wall tapestries for (cool) grownups

The line between stylish to dorm style is very thin, especially when it comes to wall tapestries. Wall tapestries are back, and we like it. BUT, listen, choosing the right one can be tough. Society6 is probably on top of this trend, so we’ve found 10 cool and stylish wall tapestries for those of you who loves fabric artwork. Available in three sizes, and can fit any living room / office or even kitchen.


Map, by Mark Ashkenazi



Kali F1, by Patricia Vargas



Heirate Mich, by Marko Köppe



Popsicle Pattern- Fab, by Kelly Gilleran



SUMMER MERMAID, by  Monika Strigel



Floral Bed, by Eugenia Loli



Moose, by Andreas Lie



Constellations, by Nikkistrange



Tropical Glam Banana Leaf Print, by Nikki



OUI, by Text Guy 


More tapestries? 10 Society6 badass tapestries

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Madly in love with Ikea’s Wireless Charging Furniture

Are you familiar with the “in love” emoji? It’s me, having my first glance at Ikea’s Wireless Charging Furniture. The perfect match between design and gadget. 


Can you imagine yourself charging your phone just by laying it down? I do! Ikea is selling two wireless charging products – The Riggadwork lamp, and the Nordmark triple charging pad.




Both products have Ikea’s aesthetic Scandinavian modern design. Just lay down your phone on the “+” sign and it will start charging. That simple.




Things to know – Only certain phones that have the Qi wireless charging standard can use the method (others need a bulky case). And while orientation doesn’t matter, the phone has to be centered precisely on the mark. Who cares? Must have!!!

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12 ways to Spread the Boho Love in Your House

So you decided you want the bohemian look all around your house? A natural feel, with individuality and warmth? I got you. The Bohemian look is easy to achieve, mainly, because it’s all about bringing things in rather than taking them out. It’s about expressing your inner artist, or traveler, and loosen it up a bit. The bohemian house is open to ideas, colors and cultures, so that the color scheme can be very generous, and doe’s not make you stick to three – four colors allowed.

1.Use colors that makes your heart beat faster

Bohemian Stunning Door

Photo: Lesbos, Greece

2.Display the books you read and cherish

Show Your Books

Photo: That Bohemian Girl

3.Bring the outside – inside

Jungle Bathroom

4.Find the perfect peacock chair

The perfect peacock chair

Photo: Bohemian Diesel

5.Show your travelling souvenirs

Travelling souvenirs

Photo: reggaemaconha-hippie

6.Pick a flower (or a stone) like no one is watching you

Natural elements

Photo: Sweet Little Life

7.Hang macrame (or beaded) curtains

Macrame curtains

Photo: Homedit

8.Open your mind to extraordinary locations


Photo: Gypsy caravan bed. Found on Twitter

9.And to extraordinary shapes

Round window

Photo source: Moon To Moon

10.Mix and match Fabrics, Rugs and Pillows

The new bohemians book

Photo: “The new bohemians”, by Justina Blakeney

11.Don’t be afraid of noisy patterns


Photo: Urban Outfitters

12.Enter Good Vibes Only

Choose the good stuff


Photo: Brave Girls club

Used Luck constantly craves for new photos. Do you have an exciting house you want to show the world? Contact me here!
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Society6 Has Wall Tapestries, and they’re totally badass

I just received Society6‘s newsletter, announcing a new product I wasn’t expecting at all – wall tapestries. Yes, this thing teenagers and students fill their walls with, use as curtains etc. Usually, I would never consider wall tapestries for decorating my walls, but these are actually amazing. Or in their own words (I like the copywriting here…): Big. Bold. Totally Badass.

I picked a few designs I like. Will probably order one asap.

Bizarre Love Triangle: The Post-Punk Edition – Butcher Billy

A Lot of Cats – Kitten Rain

Watercolor Swiss Cross (White) – Skye Zambrana

Full moon and pyramid – Budi Satria Kwan

Busted! – Fabian Gonzalez

Whole Lotta Horror – Josh Ln

Unknown pleasures to Infinity- Collage Art By Mariano Peccinetti (My favorite!)

Tattoo à la Harry – Kate & Co.

I Saw It – Tyler Spangler

Like wall tapestries? 10 more here>>

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6 Moving Tips – Written in Blood

In the past two years I moved four times. Yes, and I did it with one baby, and two dogs. I left a place I could call a Home for the last seven years as the result of problematic relationships with my husband’s family (which lived next to us).

Therefore, We all moved to a rental apartment, and unfortunately, this place had lots of mysterious undetected plumbing leaks. After a couple of months, we moved back to the old house, thinking things would get better. Well, it didn’t.

So we moved again, this time to a nice 3 room apartment. The place looked nice, in a  good neighborhood, but appeared to be noisy as hell (I guess hell should be a noisy place, don’t you think?). After almost a year (11 months) the landlord suggested we take a peek at another apartment he owns – a 4 bed in a quiet street, with a large porch. We said yes, and started packing all over again…

6 moving tips

So, why all this introduction? Just to share the fresh experience and the lessons I’ve learned.

1. If you know your’e gonna move, start collecting boxes

In my neighborhood, people move a lot. And when they move, they leave all their used boxes near the trash bin. If you know you’re gonna move, don’t be shy.. Just take it. Also, if you shop your groceries online, keep the boxes – it’s clean and useful.

2. Use the “2 seasons” rule

This rule might be the biggest time saver for most people. I mean, you know you have too many clothes, but did you ever think about the amount of energy you waste over your wardrobe? We buy so many clothes we don’t always get to wear, but we store it, pack it and unpack it – what for?  If you didn’t wear it for the past two months, most chances – you won’t. Hard to say goodbye? You can save a few things as your sentimental items. Remember: “The things you own, ends up owning you”

3. Label all of your boxes

Laziness will cost you.  So don’t leave unmarked boxes, shrouded in mystery. Just don’t.

4. Never mix items from different rooms in one box

Again, laziness has its price tag. If you can ask the movers to put each box as written, it will make your life easier. So, now, don’t sabotage the hard work by mixing items from different rooms. These boxes will be the hardest to unpack.

5. Do one thing – every single day

When most of the job has done, there are always a few boxes that contain the things you don’t need ASAP. These boxes could stay closed forever, but If you want to get all the job done – unpack one box a day.

6. Create a “first box”

The movers finished, and now it’s time to open the boxes, but guess what? You can’t remember which box contains the knife. You could avoid it by using the “open first box” that will contain all the essentials. You can take this one with you so you won’t have to look for it. A great idea by Regina Yunghans at apartment therapy – The comments below are also a huge help.


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Decorative Patterned Paint Rollers

The technique of wall stamping is something I remember from a childhood friend’s room, back in the early nineties. Even then it was very old and as a 13 year old teen, she stuck with this childish pattern of orange over pale yellow. Absolutely horrifying.I don’t know what technique used in the past for applying such patterns on walls, but I assume the reason for using it was quite the same as today – avoiding the high commitment to wallpapers. Cheapest costs are also a good reason for using rubber rollers, and if used properly (and tastefully!) can be a lovely alternative. After wandering in the web, watching cool photos like here below, and drooling over my keyboard, I decided to buy my first starter kit…

Wood Grain Design Patterned Paint Roller from Shoppi




Tussock, No 4 and No. 6  from patternedpaintroller



And some crazy photos of several patterns from patternpaintrollers