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10 Society6 wall tapestries for (cool) grownups

The line between stylish to dorm style is very thin, especially when it comes to wall tapestries. Wall tapestries are back, and we like it. BUT, listen, choosing the right one can be tough. Society6 is probably on top of this trend, so we’ve found 10 cool and stylish wall tapestries for those of you who loves fabric artwork. Available in three sizes, and can fit any living room / office or even kitchen.


Map, by Mark Ashkenazi



Kali F1, by Patricia Vargas



Heirate Mich, by Marko Köppe



Popsicle Pattern- Fab, by Kelly Gilleran



SUMMER MERMAID, by  Monika Strigel



Floral Bed, by Eugenia Loli



Moose, by Andreas Lie



Constellations, by Nikkistrange



Tropical Glam Banana Leaf Print, by Nikki



OUI, by Text Guy 


More tapestries? 10 Society6 badass tapestries

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Winged eyeliner in 6 easy steps (Gallery)

Winged eyeliner can be a pain! So I thought it would be useful to give you some tips on how to do your eyeliner in few simple steps.
All you need is a good eyeliner; A felt tip eyeliner pen is quite easy to use, I recommend a waterproof one. It’s good to use eyelid primer
to make sure its long lasting and doesn’t smudge throughout the day. When you apply the eyeliner, look down into the mirror, you can stretch the skin slightly and support with your other hand.


Make sure your eyelids are clean. Use a good eyelid primer and apply eye shadow if desired.



Hold the eyeliner pencil against your eye from the end of your brow to the outer corner of your eye, where you want your flick to be and draw a dot where you want it to end, depending on how long you want your flick. You can use a white pencil to mark the line if it helps.



Draw another dot in the center of your top eyelid, right above the lash line. Make sure it’s not too far from the lash line, this will determine the thickness of your line.



Draw a line from the middle dot to the outer corner of your eye, stop there. Leave a little gap between the line and the lash line.
Draw another line from the middle dot in the inner corner of your eye. Try to make it thinner as you get closer to the inner corner.



Just fill the line in (your hands are shaking?).



Draw another line from the outer corner of your eye to the dot you marked for the flick and create the flick.
Make sure to measure again when you do the other eye, try to make it parallel.


That’s it!

Don’t forget, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just look balanced and on the same level. Your eyes are sisters, not twins 🙂


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2016 Spring is Pink and Gold

Spring is almost here, and I’ve been waiting for it since October. I just feel to cold and I’m not a winter lover. I scanned the web for some color prophecy and I like what I see; Pinks (Coral pink, Flamingo pink), and Golds (and Mustard, and Yellow). So… What are we waiting for?


Flexa 2016 catalog


Photos: Flexa


Situationally Savvy Pants in Mustard

Photos: Modcloth Paris Cafe Cardigan in CoralBoardwalk Bonbons Dress and Situationally Savvy Pants in Mustard.

Society6 Tote Bags 2016

Society6 Tote Bags (Left >Right):

Whoa, by Wacka

Chevron Flora II, by Bianca Green

Hallucination, by Muxxi 

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Instagram Love: Pantones matching game

The colors are all around us. I love unique Instagram accounts. Especially, those with a focus on a specific project. I posted before about Pantones Instagram account of Joshua Nissen King, and I just discovered a new one (Yay!).

Inca Mathew, the owner of Green Ink Studio matches small, everyday objects with their Pantone color. The project is called “Tiny PMS Match”, and you can find it on Instagram.

Although Mathew recently declared that she will not post any more photos, until the release of a small PMS Match hardcover – You can still enjoy the  174 photos on the account. The book will include new pictures, and will be released in Spring of 2016.

Here are some of my favorite matches:


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February Favorites: Kiss Me Alot

It’s not Valentine’s day yet, but love is in the air and while I’m waiting anxiously for the spring to arrive, It’s really nice to surround myself with lots of pink and hearts. Hugs and kisses to you all.

First, My design on Society6 – I LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZZZY… 

I Love You Like Crazy Pillow and mug

These sunglasses and that Morrissey inspired pin brooch:

1. Always Amour To See Sunglasses – Modcloth

2. Nobody’s Nothing Valentine’s Day Enamel Pin


I love these separated, but unseparated love pins…From: H.K.M

Herats Enamel Pins

And some more pins? Yap. From: Tuesday Bassen

Shoptuesday Enamel Pins

And sometimes, an unofficial video clip is so much better than the official, you want to watch it over and over again. Just like this Moorrissey’s Kiss me alot fan video, I absolutely love:


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November Favorites: Etsy Wishlist


This maxi dark blue dress, from MaLieb is everything I need for this fall…

MaLieb Dress

But why so serious? These earrings are fun, fun, fun. Via: The Foxy Hipster

Hipster earrings

Couch makes amazing upcycled wallets (and some other stuff). I almost bought this pink wallet Made of 80’s Ford Vinyl! Eventually, I went for a mustard one.

Upcycled Wallet

And finally, to complete the outfit – A Raspberry Sparkle Nail Wraps, and a Bird Print Scarf… I’m done here.

Nails and scarf

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October Favorites: Loud and Clear!

I missed two months without having my monthly wish list, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t want to do it (: We are exactly at the middle of October, which make me want to wear black again. I picked a few items that would look great in my wardrobe, and around the house. See anything you like?

October 2015 favorites

1. Keep your friends close biker tank – Graydon Speace – Society6

2. SHE’S LOST CTRL Tote bag – Hans Eiskonen – Society6

3. Oh Sweatshirt – Sweater Junkie Co – Etsy

October 2015 wish list

4. 2016 Wall Calendar – Karolin Schnoor – Etsy

5. Raining Clouds Canvas Tote Bag – Ink Bandit – Etsy

6. Raining Cloud Cushion Cover – Ink Bandit – Etsy

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Morrissey Sticker Project and a new Interview

Yesterday, Morrissey gave a rare in-person interview in Lary King’s show. In this interview, he talked about his health (Aww), about being vegan, politics and more. He made me really laugh when he said about Donald Trump “Yhea, in the dark, he looks like everybody else…”

This interview reminds me how I wanted to post about a great Instagram project I’ve been following in the past years. The Morrissey sticker project is an amazing photography / music project that would easily melt any Morrissey fan’s heart. How does it work? You order your stickers here (I know, it’s empty now, but patience my dear). Then, you post it on your Instagram account with the tag #morrisseystickerproject. You could, then appear at @morrisseystickerproject on Instagram, and the fan page on Facebook.

Here are some photos of the project:

I ordered my own stickers about a year ago, but I must admit I can’t give it away to the streets, which I’m not sure how much appreciate it the way I do…


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Mell’s Kitsch colorful house in Australia

Do you know these Instagram accounts, you can’t get enough of? Mell’s house is one of them, for sure. A colorful, pink, full with vintage kitsch dolls and other goodies. It’s the kind of houses you look at and can get really curious about the person behind the walls, because really – who could possibly 1. Create it, and 2. Live inside this colorful house each and every day? A unique human being, I guess…

Mell says it all began when she started collecting Kewpie dolls around 10 years ago. Today, she lives in a totally RAD house, full with colors and joy. For me, it looks like an “I don’t give a fuck” kind of house. Or maybe an “I live my life as I wish, in its fullest” kind of house. Either way, I love the totality of it and invite you all to follow her amazing house on Instagram.

Ivinnieboyvintage1 vinnieboyvintage7 vinnieboyvintage6 vinnieboyvintage5 vinnieboyvintage4 vinnieboyvintage3 vinnieboyvintage2 Screenshot

If you’re into collecting some of these items, follow Mell’s Instagram store and purchase your own day dream.

Mell’s account: @vinnieboyvintage

Mell’s Instagram store: @vinnieboyvintageshop

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Wish List: Good vibes all around you

Do you believe in the power of words? I do. I think positive words can change my feelings, even if I do not notice that right away. That’s the reason why I never put in my house, or even at my workspace, negative messages.  I understand, that just by looking at it all day, it will be soaked in eventually.

My last month was like a roller coaster – full with new experiences – some were exciting, and others, well, just not the right type. This post comes as a cleansing breeze, and I hope it does the same for you too. I gathered some positive items I found, and I guess I really need to see on a daily basis.

Believe in the power of words. Surround yourself with positive, happy, encouraging words, and the good things will come to you.

When you’re  lost. Get lost, and run wild 

Lets run wild tapestry


Think about the “KISS”, not about the “GO”

Kiss me hard before you go clock

And Shine On, and on, and on (and download this freebie from Little Gold Pixel)

Shine On And On

Good Vibes Only, are allowed here

Good vibes only blanket

And Although shit tends to happen, this paper garland will remind you a small truth

And that it’s totally OK, at least most of the time…

Its ok

So be bold. Do what you feel is right in your guts…

Be Bold

Because nothing is certain, so it’s better to live in the now

Live in the now pin brooch

And just do whatever you can, because happiness is handmade (-:

Happiness is Handemade