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Instagram Love: Pantones matching game

The colors are all around us. I love unique Instagram accounts. Especially, those with a focus on a specific project. I posted before about Pantones Instagram account of Joshua Nissen King, and I just discovered a new one (Yay!).

Inca Mathew, the owner of Green Ink Studio matches small, everyday objects with their Pantone color. The project is called “Tiny PMS Match”, and you can find it on Instagram.

Although Mathew recently declared that she will not post any more photos, until the release of a small PMS Match hardcover – You can still enjoy the  174 photos on the account. The book will include new pictures, and will be released in Spring of 2016.

Here are some of my favorite matches:


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Morrissey Sticker Project and a new Interview

Yesterday, Morrissey gave a rare in-person interview in Lary King’s show. In this interview, he talked about his health (Aww), about being vegan, politics and more. He made me really laugh when he said about Donald Trump “Yhea, in the dark, he looks like everybody else…”

This interview reminds me how I wanted to post about a great Instagram project I’ve been following in the past years. The Morrissey sticker project is an amazing photography / music project that would easily melt any Morrissey fan’s heart. How does it work? You order your stickers here (I know, it’s empty now, but patience my dear). Then, you post it on your Instagram account with the tag #morrisseystickerproject. You could, then appear at @morrisseystickerproject on Instagram, and the fan page on Facebook.

Here are some photos of the project:

I ordered my own stickers about a year ago, but I must admit I can’t give it away to the streets, which I’m not sure how much appreciate it the way I do…


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Mell’s Kitsch colorful house in Australia

Do you know these Instagram accounts, you can’t get enough of? Mell’s house is one of them, for sure. A colorful, pink, full with vintage kitsch dolls and other goodies. It’s the kind of houses you look at and can get really curious about the person behind the walls, because really – who could possibly 1. Create it, and 2. Live inside this colorful house each and every day? A unique human being, I guess…

Mell says it all began when she started collecting Kewpie dolls around 10 years ago. Today, she lives in a totally RAD house, full with colors and joy. For me, it looks like an “I don’t give a fuck” kind of house. Or maybe an “I live my life as I wish, in its fullest” kind of house. Either way, I love the totality of it and invite you all to follow her amazing house on Instagram.

Ivinnieboyvintage1 vinnieboyvintage7 vinnieboyvintage6 vinnieboyvintage5 vinnieboyvintage4 vinnieboyvintage3 vinnieboyvintage2 Screenshot

If you’re into collecting some of these items, follow Mell’s Instagram store and purchase your own day dream.

Mell’s account: @vinnieboyvintage

Mell’s Instagram store: @vinnieboyvintageshop

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5 Happy Houses to see on Instagram

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I LOVE Instagram. It’s the first app I felt attached to, since I had my first iPhone. I love it. And when it comes to Instagram I don’t have an ego. I don’t care if I have less followers then follows (Although I love to be followed!). I just follow the accounts that have great photos of people, animals, places, and most of all – you guessed right – houses!

In the past years I got to know some fantastic accounts I must check on a daily basis. Each one has its own charm and beauty, and of course, a super creative personality who stands behind the lens and filters.



Who: Mel and Vinnie
What: The quirkiest, colorful house of squeaky vintage dolls and pastel colors.
Where: Australia



Who: Unknown nice lady
What: An old house, loaded with vintage thrifts, yellows and an amazing black cat!
Where: Finland



Who: Again, I don’t know (-:
What: Mid century kitsch, atomic dishes and (surprisingly) cats…
Where: New England



Who: Ida
What: amazing house and decor, a house you would like to visit for a cup of coffee.
Where: Norway



Who: Natalie (Not me!)
What: vintage, retro, kitsch, Japan and all things stinking cute.
Where: New Zealand

After seeing all these lovable accounts, let me ask you one question: What’s your favorite Instagram filter?

Mine is (in that order): Amaro, Arise, and Crema (-: