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10 Society6 wall tapestries for (cool) grownups

The line between stylish to dorm style is very thin, especially when it comes to wall tapestries. Wall tapestries are back, and we like it. BUT, listen, choosing the right one can be tough. Society6 is probably on top of this trend, so we’ve found 10 cool and stylish wall tapestries for those of you who loves fabric artwork. Available in three sizes, and can fit any living room / office or even kitchen.


Map, by Mark Ashkenazi



Kali F1, by Patricia Vargas



Heirate Mich, by Marko Köppe



Popsicle Pattern- Fab, by Kelly Gilleran



SUMMER MERMAID, by  Monika Strigel



Floral Bed, by Eugenia Loli



Moose, by Andreas Lie



Constellations, by Nikkistrange



Tropical Glam Banana Leaf Print, by Nikki



OUI, by Text Guy 


More tapestries? 10 Society6 badass tapestries

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November Favorites: Etsy Wishlist


This maxi dark blue dress, from MaLieb is everything I need for this fall…

MaLieb Dress

But why so serious? These earrings are fun, fun, fun. Via: The Foxy Hipster

Hipster earrings

Couch makes amazing upcycled wallets (and some other stuff). I almost bought this pink wallet Made of 80’s Ford Vinyl! Eventually, I went for a mustard one.

Upcycled Wallet

And finally, to complete the outfit – A Raspberry Sparkle Nail Wraps, and a Bird Print Scarf… I’m done here.

Nails and scarf

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October Favorites: Loud and Clear!

I missed two months without having my monthly wish list, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t want to do it (: We are exactly at the middle of October, which make me want to wear black again. I picked a few items that would look great in my wardrobe, and around the house. See anything you like?

October 2015 favorites

1. Keep your friends close biker tank – Graydon Speace – Society6

2. SHE’S LOST CTRL Tote bag – Hans Eiskonen – Society6

3. Oh Sweatshirt – Sweater Junkie Co – Etsy

October 2015 wish list

4. 2016 Wall Calendar – Karolin Schnoor – Etsy

5. Raining Clouds Canvas Tote Bag – Ink Bandit – Etsy

6. Raining Cloud Cushion Cover – Ink Bandit – Etsy

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June mood: Take me to the desert

Usually, my vintage and web shopping hunts are more into mid century items, but lately, I find myself looking for warm, earthy things to see. Things that remind me of the desert. I gathered here some loved items. I hope you’ll keep up with my changing moods…

Desert Spirit collage

1. Fields Of Gold Dress – Waist

2.Cactus Tattoo – Kiki Tattoos

3.The Bohemian Collective Magazine, Issue No. 2

4.Novella Royale bells, photo via @candacecampbell @thrashonistas

Desert spirit collage 2

5.Vintage South Western Cactus + Coyote Pins Brooches, UnderThisMoon, Etsy

6.Volkswagen, New Mexico Art Print, Anna Dorfman, Society6

7.The Effing Bird Ring in Sterling Silver, LittleHoboBirdWares, Etsy

8.SouthwestVintage, Etsy Profile Picture


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Society6 Has Wall Tapestries, and they’re totally badass

I just received Society6‘s newsletter, announcing a new product I wasn’t expecting at all – wall tapestries. Yes, this thing teenagers and students fill their walls with, use as curtains etc. Usually, I would never consider wall tapestries for decorating my walls, but these are actually amazing. Or in their own words (I like the copywriting here…): Big. Bold. Totally Badass.

I picked a few designs I like. Will probably order one asap.

Bizarre Love Triangle: The Post-Punk Edition – Butcher Billy

A Lot of Cats – Kitten Rain

Watercolor Swiss Cross (White) – Skye Zambrana

Full moon and pyramid – Budi Satria Kwan

Busted! – Fabian Gonzalez

Whole Lotta Horror – Josh Ln

Unknown pleasures to Infinity- Collage Art By Mariano Peccinetti (My favorite!)

Tattoo à la Harry – Kate & Co.

I Saw It – Tyler Spangler

Like wall tapestries? 10 more here>>

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What I bought in January

Recently, I’ve been trying to avoid “over shopping”. Especially on the web. To succeed in the mission, I decided to allow myself one web shop per month + one store shop at the outside world. The budget is 50$ each. Being kind of locked up in the house after the rhinoplasty surgery help me out this time. I didn’t buy anything during that week, but I did get things I ordered on the web, prior to this decision. So, this is what I bought in January…


I really like this line of products. Actually, I ordered the matching pillow, but unfortunately, it got lost in the mail (I suspect the mail here belongs to evil forces, and Hell is just a never ending day waiting for a package).

2. Geometric Necklace

I found this cute little store at Etsy.

3. Mini Kanken bag, I just had to have

4. Shoes on sale (Asos)

5. Second hand shop treasures

This one was almost for free because once in a season, I bring things I don’t wear to this small store and if they sell it, I  get credit I can use at the shop.

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When The Mail Comes Around

Just got my mail. Actually, it was last week, but I was so busy I didn’t have time for blogging.

Last Friday was full of surprises – Our landlord invited us to see another apartment, he owns, that just happens to be vacant at the moment. The tenants moved out at the beginning of the month, and he thought it would be nice to offer us the opportunity to upgrade our living standards.

The current apartment is cute, but very noisy. The noise comes from a main road and it’s disturbing our peace, days and nights. Because of this noise we live with closed windows and air conditioning that can’t be stopped. The new place looks much better so we obviously said YES.

So, a moment before the big move… I want to share the last packages I received to this address:

The decorative rubber rollers I post about here.

A vintage home interior design book “Interior Decoration A to Z” by Betty Pepis (1965). I will soon write about it…

And my first starburst clock ever!

I’m happy about this change and ready to move. It means I won’t have time this week to finish decorating this new blog, and I know I have no header and it looks awful. But you know, these things take time…

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Decorative Patterned Paint Rollers

The technique of wall stamping is something I remember from a childhood friend’s room, back in the early nineties. Even then it was very old and as a 13 year old teen, she stuck with this childish pattern of orange over pale yellow. Absolutely horrifying.I don’t know what technique used in the past for applying such patterns on walls, but I assume the reason for using it was quite the same as today – avoiding the high commitment to wallpapers. Cheapest costs are also a good reason for using rubber rollers, and if used properly (and tastefully!) can be a lovely alternative. After wandering in the web, watching cool photos like here below, and drooling over my keyboard, I decided to buy my first starter kit…

Wood Grain Design Patterned Paint Roller from Shoppi




Tussock, No 4 and No. 6  from patternedpaintroller



And some crazy photos of several patterns from patternpaintrollers